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What the hell is so funny?

What do you find funny? A sign on a car lot that states “0 (zero) interest IN our cars”? This tells me that no one is interested in their cars. Sad. No one likes our cars! What shall we do? Eat worms? ICK! No way. I’d fire the damn sign guy for incorrect grammar. Dumass! Or better yet, a sign on an overpass with a state park below that says, “DO NOT THROW DEBIS FROM BRIDGE”. Well, hell, if I knew what DEBIS is, I don’t think I would be throwing it from the overpass, either. Sounds nasty. In this case, you think they meant DEBRIS? Spell check would have been instrumental so the state sign people don’t look stupid, but then, again…it’s the State. You look around and see all kinds of things that just make you scratch your head and go, uhhhhh, yup, whatever.

This next thought isn’t going to go over well with my friends in Washington State. Look around, friends. Do you see signs that say, “EVACUATION ROUTE THIS WAY”? around your city or state? I’ve seen them, and always wondered why the state would spend that much money making those signs and posting them on the side of different streets and roads. So, I asked a sheriff that same question. (Oh, you’re gonna love this answer!) He said, they aren’t for any real use. They are there to give the residents hope in case of a disaster. There’s your hard earned tax money at work. It just gives the illusion of hope, nothing concrete or guaranteed, it’s just an illusion. Ya like that, skippy? I laughed my ass off, each time I would see one of those signs around the town I used to live in. The State and Homeland Security wants to give you the illusion that everything is going to be just OKEY DOKEY FINE in case of a natural disaster. Me? That would be the time to grab the lawn chair, have a six pack beside that lawn chair, and sit my naked happy ass in the chair and wait. No one is going anywhere…let’s face it…how far do you think you’re going to get when a disaster happens? Ever watch like Deep Impact or one of those natural disaster movies? They have scenes where all the cars are lined up on the street, horns honking and no one moving anywhere. That’s what’s going to happen ANYWHERE when there is a natural disaster. If you get in your car…where ya gonna go, genius? Same place everyone else is going………..NO FRICKIN’ WHERE!! So, man up, and have a beer! If you’re number is up…you can’t escape your destiny. (and make sure you have clean underwear nearby. Your mom always said have clean underwear on in case you’re in an accident. Seriously? When the whole world is coming to an end, do you think God is going to be concerned that you had clean underwear on? Think about it.)

And now for something completely different. I see things from a different angle, usually when I have my head tilted to one side. It’s a weird angle, yes, but…it’s what dogs do when they don’t understand what they are hearing or seeing. I have a long list of things that make me wonder. I know you’re dying to hear what they are, I can feel it. I’m psych ot ic that way. Yea, yea, yea, I know, what else is new, right?

I had another passing thought. (maybe it should have kept on going! ) What about a Disney land kind of place for ADULTS ONLY! NO KIDS! Sorry…this theme park will be designed by many people…a collaboration of sorts. We’ll start with Stephen King, and John Carpenter, then we can move onto Dean Koontz or the guy that made the SAW movies. Throw in some Alfred Hitchcock type of terror and VOILA! You certainly don’t pay to get in…no noooo! You pay to get OUT! What’s a good old fashioned heart attack worth these days? Couple of hundred bucks? What about wet yourself kind of scary? That should be good for a late night story around the campfire. Whatdya think? Sounds like a winner to me! “Hey, Martha! I have a great idea for a summer vacation this year!!” Pack your stuff…we’re going to have F U N!!!!!!

Now, to end this…I have had some strange happenings lately, and I thought I would just pass them along. If you’ve come this far and still are reading…..why stop now? The fun is almost at an end.

People are just plain dumb. They do all kinds of things that make you wonder, “Seriously, what the hell were you thinking?”  I think we can forgive those that are posted in the People From Wal-Mart webpage. I think they just haven’t a clue as to why they dress the way they do. I’ve seen people that wear slippers to the store, lounge pants, aka Jammies to the store with those same slippers. Have we lost our mind as a people? Or is it that we are just plain lazy? I shared a photo of something on my Facebook page and my daughter posted, “Not funny, dad!” My wife thought it was funny, my friends think it’s funny, so when it comes to their mom, it’s not funny? Whatever. Move on, nothing to see here. When it comes to exes, the kids involved never seem to think things are funny….imagine that.

So, in conclusion, fellow babies, never take things at face value, cause honestly, you just have to laugh at everything or you end up so mentally deranged that you will end up in an institution, like the Blossom Hill Mental Hospital or a marriage.

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It’s the Uncle Dave Show!!!

Boys and girls, today’s lesson is on forgiveness, kindness and letting go. You’re in for a real treat. We are going to explore the realm of the impossible for some, possibilities for others, and not a chance in hell for the rest.
I received a card in the mail. Mr. Postman brought it and left in my cubby. How kind was he? He probably didn’t even know that he had left me a nastygram from the Police officer station, downtown. Now, why would they send me a nastygram? Because someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed and had a sore butt?! What better way to feel better than to mess with someone else’s day. Isn’t that kind? No, it’s not. As Uncle Dave would say, that pretty much sucks. (Kids, we use these words in a sentence and suck means to take the dirt out of something or forcibly to remove the air from something, like a happy balloon!) If I could find Bob the mechanic to fix that danged old compressor, we could fill that bad boy back up and be on our way.

Now, forgiveness is so simple, but most people can’t do it. They hold all that anger in, giving us that yucky feeling, like eating something bad that makes us want to hurl. If you let all that anger go, then Buckaroo, you are well on your way to feeling like a king, again! What’s that, Mikey? Why are people so angry? That’s a good question, but it doesn’t have a quick standard answer. Since we’re all different and unique, (and some people are REALLY different, but that’s another show.) what makes everyone angry could be as different as night and day. Say, for example, you read something on the internet that someone had written that you didn’t agree with. You get angry and call Mr. Policeman. He sends you a nastygram. Now, you sit and wait for them to get back in touch with you, all the while you wonder, what did I do to make someone angry? You sit and think, and try to figure out what it is that Mr. Policeman wants to talk to you about. Ah! You have it. Something you had written about many months ago and forgot about. Words get passed around; you know how fast things travel around the internet these days. It’s like a viral video. Zoom! It’s here, then it’s there….so fast! Like your hamster on speed! Do they read what is said about forgiveness on that same page? Probably not. They are fixated on the ONE thing that was posted. So, forgiveness is not in their lexicon. (This is a fancy word for vocabulary). Not to worry, brothers and sisters! We all pray for those folks with weak minds and ask that they be forgiven their trespasses, so that they may forgive others.

Moving on. (We’ll pass on the commercial for now, but stay tuned for what’s next, right after this!) Kindness/fairness. This is a tough one, to be sure. Those two words are not interchangeable, but they work together, but not in today’s society. Guys, you hold the door open for the ladies. Ladies, you say thank you as you walk by. Great! As my mother once told me, it’s never hard to say thank you. That’s kindness. Fairness is when two people go their own way, even though you don’t agree with that person, you ALWAYS leave with what you brought in to the relationship, never more than you feel that you deserve, no matter what. That’s fairness. Does that happen? Survey says: EEEEHHH! Nope. One side always wants to get revenge, get even (see last blog for getting even!) or make themselves feel better by taking more than they should. That’s how wars start, that’s how people find themselves in hot water with the law, and how most perpetrators on Law and Order wind up going to jail. (See? You learn so much on the internet these days!)

Now, let’s talk about letting go. You know how you feel when you lose a balloon and watch it go up, higher and higher in the air, till you can’t see it anymore? Forget that. That isn’t what I am talking about. That’s depressing, cause you know you are never going to see that balloon, again. Right? This letting go is different. Here in Phoenix, when it’s over 112°, and you see a coin lying on the ground, it’s best not to pick it up. That’s going to be one hot mutha! I’ve done it, and had to drop it, cause it was so danged hot!! That’s the kind of letting go I am talking about. You want something, and then when you get it, you realize that you didn’t want it in the first place. Getting rid of that unwanted something isn’t so easy. Just cause something (or someone) looks great in the beginning, doesn’t necessarily mean you want that for the long haul. (You catching on to this, skippy?) You begin to see the faults, the cracks, and the imperfections in that thing (or person) and you wonder how you missed those things from the outset. So, you disconnect yourself from that thing and let it go….fly away, little birdy, go! Fly and be with your bird friends!!! Yeeeeeeeeah, sorry….I was in the moment. Anyway, you have to step back, look at your life, and realize that HEY! My life is 110% better now that I have let go of that item, person, thing, whatever was causing your life so much grief. Unfortunately, there are some folks that cannot deal with being released from what held them. We call these people Stalkers, Psychotic, or just plain loons!
When you release something or you are the one being released by the person you thought you had feelings for….two words: MOVE ON, Buster! (Ok, three words) It’s better to have loved than never have loved before or something to that effect. We can argue syntax some other time. Mr. Clock on the wall says I am just about out of time for today. So, Boys and girls, the best thing to do…is walk away, say good bye, don’t look back cause what’s up ahead is SO MUCH BETTER than what’s behind you. Keep walking because you don’t want the past catching up to you.  Let the sun shine warm on your face, feel the breeze as it brushes across your cheek, and know that with every sunset, the sun is going to rise, again, in the morning. (AND for GOD’S SAKE, one of you out there starts singing TOMORROW from Annie, I’m going to puke!) WOW! I learned a lot from today’s lesson, how about you?
Stay tuned for our next episode. ADIOS, LATER DAYS, and as a famous man would say, HAPPY TRAILS.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, that concludes our broadcast day for today, Stay tuned for the Farm Report coming up soon. …And now, our National Anthem!

Over and out! PEACE!

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Revenge, Vengeance and Small Stuff.

Well,  after posting the last thoughts I had from my former relationship, I have read a great book that has changed my way of thinking.  Even though I thought that the author was/is a two faced fake, I have to take that opinion back.
Dr Laura Schlessinger has a book out that I found at the library and read it from cover to cover. There is a lot of what she said in the book, “How To Survive A Shark Attack (On Land)” that hit home with me.

Vengeance/revenge against someone that ratted you out, or betrayed you is not always the best thing to consider. I guess that after my last post, I was living for some kind of revenge because I thought that being betrayed and left, had to be the answer to how I felt. The book was just sitting on the shelf and the more I looked at it, the more I felt drawn to it.

I sat down, and read the first chapter while at the library. I was hooked. Dr. Laura was very forthcoming and honest about the nude photos that were released on the internet of her by a former lover. I’m sure that it wasn’t easy to see those after 30 some years without feeling some kind of inner burn and made her feel like she was betrayed by someone she thought she could trust. The man that released those photos died a year later.

In one chapter, Dr. Laura states that living well is the best revenge. Direct revenge feeds people who basically live off the emotional upsets of others. If we look at the Casey Anthony case, there are all kinds of websites that are rallying for revenge for the dead child, people making death threats against the mother, and when the announcement came down that the mother was “Not Guilty”, there was a huge uproar of death to the mother. Let’s get one thing straight.

One: Not Guilty does not mean innocent. It means exactly as it states…NOT GUILTY.

Two: If she were found INNOCENT, that would mean that she had nothing to do with the child’s death, which we all SUSPECT (and that’s all we can do) that she had a hand in the death of her child.  So, all this talk of revenge for the death of a child is nonsense. Casey did not get justice, granted. What she did receive was support from people who don’t like to see a child killed, forgotten, or abused. That in my mind, was enough. She no longer has to deal with a sick woman who wanted to do nothing but party and have a good time and let the child be tossed out like daily trash.

I wanted revenge against quite a few people at one time. What I see from a distance is that if you wrap yourself in the blanket of revenge, it’s going to get really lonely in that blanket by yourself. When it gets hot inside that blanket, you might want to let it go and feel the cool air of justice, since it isn’t our place to seek that. God will deal with the person or object of our obsession come Judgment Day. I like to believe in Karma. If you do the right thing, it will be revisited on you. I, personally have experienced that situation. I did the right thing and it came back to me at a time when I needed it. If you do someone wrong…..oh, yeah….it’s like an irritating flock of crows. They will come home to roost and make you think about what you did wrong.
It’s always better to do the right thing and in Dr. Laura’s words, “I’d rather have a nice day than to contemplate revenge on those that betray us and trust me, there will be people out there that are looking for the opportunity. Let them burn up their days and energy plotting. You, you can walk in the sunshine, feel the warmth on your face, feel the wind blow and know that you are happy having a good day.”  (ok, it was paraphrased!)

I have heard stories of people holding in their contempt, hatred and ill will towards others and end up dying without releasing that hate and discontent. How sad. Each one of us have an entire lifetime to make a difference in our lives, maybe leaving this world better than how we found it. Others, well, let’s just say that they would rather slide right into Hell on a skateboard made from all the ills that they feel was someone else’s fault.
The best part of Dr. Laura’s book was the paragraph on page 93.  ….”One listener wrote to me that she was talking one day with her best girlfriend, sharing her plan to wreak havoc on someone’s life as righteous revenge for that person’s betrayal of her, when her girlfriend said, “If you are going to do this, I could no longer be your friend. You are a woman of integrity and self -respect, and as your best friend, I would not allow you to lower yourself to his level.”  Nice touch! That’s the kind of friend that we all need. To remind us of how good we are and that we need to let go, move on and not trying to get even.
It’s said that you can’t get ahead if you are trying to get even. So true. You are pedaling no where fast when you are in the mode of getting even.

Now, let’s talk about forgiveness. The one thing we just can’t seem to grasp until sometimes, it’s too late. Forgiveness is usually not in our vocabulary or lexicon while we are plotting revenge. I have had a hard time grasping the idea of letting go. Just how do you do that?  Let Go and Let God. Release it to the Universe, let it fly away like a bird. As Dr. Laura states in her book: POOP! When we are in the middle of feeling betrayed, there is no letting go… feel the burn, you seethe with anger and you want the person to be crucified like they deserve. FINE. Sleep on it, let some time pass and then….then, you can find forgiveness somewhere deep inside, because the longer you keep that inside, it’s like a virus that is self sustaining. It grows, making you sick. There are studies done that show that people who hold grudges for a long time, have more illness, are constantly sick or ill, and die sooner than those who are happy.  Just makes sense, doesn’t it?

One last thing. Dr. Laura states that sometimes a betrayal is a blessing in disguise. She goes on to say that someone betrayed her, and she had to quit her job, but…..when she quit, she found another job that paid better, had more opportunities and better atmosphere. So, I agree with her. I left a job when I felt betrayed by my supervisor.  Now, I have found many more opportunities to grow, learn and be more of what I wanted in my life. I am struggling like the rest of America, but each day that I can wake up above ground is a good day!

Look, I am human, I make mistakes, and God knows, I have made a lot of them. What I can say is this: I was told once that I was so focused on the problem at hand and I missed what was important. The person that said that made me walk with him to his car, and when we got outside, he stopped dead in his tracks. I kept going until I realized that he had stopped and was looking at the sky. I will always remember what he said so long ago.

“David, you are missing one of God’s simplest pleasures.” I just looked at him with a dumb stare. I was clueless. He pointed at the sky and that’s when I realized what he was talking about. The sun was setting in the western sky over Seattle and the Olympic Mountains in the distance. Absolutely gorgeous! He was right. I had to stop, take a deep breath, let it out and know that life is short, so you better take in everything around you. Let go of the small stuff and let’s face it….it’s all small stuff.

“Do not press the ‘Pause’ button on your life by festering with anger and feelings of vengeance ; all we each have is time, so fill it well.”

Thanks, Dr. Laura. You have opened my eyes to what is important.

I’m going back into the bomb shelter and wait for the fall out.
Later, Fellow babies!!!



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Views From a Bombshelter 3

I would like the opportunity to come out of my bomb shelter and discuss the area of free speech. The following was borrowed from Wikipedia, on FREEDOM OF SPEECH:

Based on John Milton‘s arguments, freedom of speech is understood as a multi-faceted right that includes not only the right to express, or disseminate, information and ideas, but three further distinct aspects:

  • the right to seek information and ideas;
  • the right to receive information and ideas;
  • the right to impart information and ideas.[8]

International, regional and national standards also recognize that freedom of speech, as the freedom of expression, includes any medium, be it orally, in written, in print, through the Internet or through art forms. This means that the protection of freedom of speech as a right includes not only the content, but also the means of expression.

In Evelyn Beatrice Hall‘s biography of Voltaire, she coined the following phrase to illustrate Voltaire’s beliefs: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”[28] Hall’s quote is frequently cited to describe the principle of freedom of speech.[29] In the 20th Century Noam Chomsky states that: “If you believe in freedom of speech, you believe in freedom of speech for views you don’t like. Stalin and Hitler, for example, were dictators in favor of freedom of speech for views they liked only. If you’re in favor of freedom of speech, that means you’re in favor of freedom of speech precisely for views you despise.”[30] Professor Lee Bollinger argues that “the free speech principle involves a special act of carving out one area of social interaction for extraordinary self-restraint, the purpose of which is to develop and demonstrate a social capacity to control feelings evoked by a host of social encounters.” Bollinger argues that tolerance is a desirable value, if not essential. However, critics argue that society should be concerned by those who directly deny or advocate, for example.

With that being said, I have the right to voice my opinion of a person that I know is the truth. The person’s family will take offense to this and frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass what they think. As a member of this American Society, I have the right to voice my OPINION of what I think of this person. Let’s say that the person has the initials LR. If we insert a couple of vowels, say A and I,  we have LIAR. So, that is what she will be known as in the following details.

I spent 18 months with THE LIAR. I never knew or suspected that this female(I won’t call her a woman…that would mean that she has morals, and decency, which she has proven that she doesn’t.)would be such a despicable human being. After a short time, I started seeing things that were disturbing, like coming home with money in the middle of the week, with the explanation that a COD came in and instead of giving to the boss, which is where it was supposed to go, she told me that the money was split up among her and two other people in the office, and that she wanted to go play Bingo with the ill gotten gains. That didn’t set right. She told me once that her employer had grabbed her butt as he passed by her. Looking back on the incident, it was all a ruse to make her boss look like a perv. It made me mad at the time, but now, it was a lie. What man in his right mind would jeopardize his company, his reputation and his income by doing something so stupid. When she left the company, I asked her if she would prosecute him….she put it off and put it off, and never contacted a lawyer about it. Ladies, seriously, if a boss violated you at work, how would you deal with it? Put it off? I didn’t think so.

Each time she came home with money that she didn’t get with her paycheck, the whole incident was tossed aside with a simple explanation: He owed it to me, he didn’t pay me enough last check, etc. I was blinded to the fact that she was stealing, and taking money that wasn’t hers or that she didn’t earn. i was too trusting of someone that was lying to cover her tracks. How much of what she told me on a daily basis was a lie? The LIAR came home one day with a brand new moving blanket that her employer had just purchased. Since he left it in the warehouse, she went in, and took one and brought it home. Not only did I see it, she bragged to quite a few people that she took it from her boss, since, again, he owed it to her. I was present when she told those people about it. I was bothered that she would be so blatant and announce her wrong doing to anyone. I confronted THE LIAR and was told, so what? HE OWES ME A LOT OF MONEY. I let it go. I couldn’t fight what I didn’t know.

During the last Christmas Season, THE LIAR won $1,000 dollars at Bingo. There was no sharing, but I was told that WE won. REALLY?  If WE won, she made the decision as to how the money was spent. WE bought Christmas presents for my kids, her kids, grandkids and some things for us. But..WHO controlled the money? Yep, she did. The next time we played Bingo, she paid for both of us to play. I won $300. So….I was expected to pay her back the money she put out to play and then give her half the money I had won. I paid a couple of back bills that she thought were paid. This whole thing is so convoluted that I have a hard time sorting it out. I paid all the utilities in the first twelve months we were together. When I lost my job, she finally agreed to pay half of the car insurance since I got her a better deal, she bought groceries and I paid when I could. In the mean time, I paid over $375 to have her brakes repaired, a vacation to Greer, bought her cigarettes once or twice and I don’t smoke, and a lighter.
In February, I received my IRS tax return. I paid one bill, bought 250 worth of groceries, bought a tool that I wanted, and paid for an exam ($150). When THE LIAR realized that she would have to pay an APS bill because there was a shut off notice, I caught all kinds of hell. Maybe I was irresponsible for not paying it, BUT we were both responsible for the bill.

I found out last month, that I was told by THE LIAR that her son and daughter in law would pay us $75 to watch their dogs while they were gone on vacation last December. I ended up doing 80% of the work for the four days we were asked to watch and feed the dogs and her DIL told me that there never was any money offered to watch the dogs.Yet, I told the DIL what I was told, and she said I was lying. Hmmmm, now why would I lie about something like that unless I was told that by someone else?  We were asked to do it as a favor. I laughed at her DIL, cause no matter what she is told about THE LIAR, she is viewed a Mother Theresa by her kids and grand kids.

Let me tell you, no one knows someone until you live with them.

I have never took something from a workplace that didn’t belong to me. I worked at a Casino in Tacoma and when I left, I took a Neon Beer sign with me. It was given to me by the Manager of Food and Beverage for doing a favor for him in a time of crisis. I was accused of stealing it by my boss, who was a real piece of work.  With one phone call, he looked sheepish when the Manager told him that the sign was MINE to keep.  He had to apologize but was not happy seeing me walk out with something he knew I earned. No one gave him the same courtesy they gave me, since he was a power hungry maniac that treated others with contempt.  The LIAR allowed her employer to use a collapsible table for a weekend.  He never returned it and since he didn’t, the book keeper gave THE LIAR $100 for the table. The last time we went to have him sign a paper for DES, she told me to take the table and put it in her trunk. Even though she was paid for it, she took it, knowing the employer knew nothing about the $100 transaction. Again, so dishonest in what she does and what she says.

When the relationship came to an end, she had to dig to find a reason to place the blame on me for her leaving. After spending hours going over things that were said, and done, a friend told me that this was a classic case of someone with control issues, and some serious personal problems.

In my family, I am not afraid to call my sister a psycho to her face. She knows I love her and I am just trying to get her attention. I am not mean to her in any way, she knows it and we laugh about it. I don’t go around telling people that my sister is a PSYCHO, is on all kinds of meds and needs help. THE LIAR used to tell me her parents favored her sister’s kids over her own. Would she voice that to anyone? Nope. “It just falls on deaf ears.” So, she keeps that anger inside cause her kids are seen as wild, beer guzzling Partiers. Well, from what I have seen…..not far from the mark. I have seen so many of her lies fall apart and I think, that IF I would take the time to investigate more of what she told me….I would see that a good portion of what she said to me would be all lies.

I over looked a lot of things she did and I am sad that I did. I see that I thought I loved her, but in reality, I didn’t want to be alone. When there was a major money crisis…..she was gone. All she saw in me was $$$$ and how much she could get away with. THE LIAR once told me that I didn’t know what REAL love is…..looking back, she has no idea what REAL love is. In Psychology terms, it’s called Transference.

I had to get this out. Since THE LIAR has told her whole family about my past, which was not an item to be disbursed, discussed, or put out for everyone’s knowledge, I have not done that. Until now. What hurts the most, is that she stole things from my dad. Someone that had nothing to do with what happened between us. THE LIAR’s dad allowed me to use some of his tools. I returned them in the same condition I got them in. Not so, with her. My dad let her borrow a fishing tackle box that he had owned for over 35 years. Before returning it, she went through it, took items that she thought I wouldn’t miss and kept them. THE LIAR’s Daughter in law made the statement, “You never even went fishing until you met ‘THE LIAR’. What’s the big deal?” So, in that statement, she approves of THE LIAR’s actions. Says a lot about her family, doesn’t it?

There is an order of Protection that THE LIAR has against me. She made sure that she told the judge that I spent a night in Jail once. Yea, in 2005, ONCE for a fight with my son during my divorce. I have a statement for that. The Romans crucified Christ ONCE. I did what the courts required, and  I learned a lot about myself. If THE LIAR says I am violent…..they why did she threaten to punch me in the face and on more than one occasion, THE LIAR would punch me in the chest or arm. I would ask her what that was for and all I got in return was, “Why, does it hurt?”

During the break up, I had to have discussions with THE LIAR’s  son, daughter and daughter in law, none with the LIAR. Why is that? CONTROL. I have no respect for anyone that uses their children to fight their battles for them. I was threatened by her daughter more than once, that she would bring down the wrath of Hell on me if I ever hurt her mom. THE LIAR’s daughter in law threatened to “kick  my ass” at least once. If there is anyone that I respect and wish the best for is her son in law. He stayed out of the whole thing and from where I sit, the daughter has the balls in that family. Sorry, dude, she does.
When THE LIAR talked about her son, she would tell me he is getting greedy again and spending money he should be putting away. Is that her concern? No. I couldn’t say anything, since it was not my business what he did with the money he earned. He bought a new boat, had it wrapped and all she could say was WHY SKULLS? He needs to save his money and not spend it so frivolously. Yet, in the same breath, she would wish she could afford a boat to go fishing on. I was confused with the conflicting statements THE LIAR was putting out. Her credit rating would never get out of the toilet, and the only thing of value she owns is her car…so….how did she ever think she would own a boat….OH, that’s right….find another sucker out there that would provide her with what she wants and then try to take in when she left… she did with me.

AGAIN…this is my opinion. I am allowed to have my opinion in this country and these are the facts as I have lived them. No matter what anyone says, it is not HATE SPEECH, nor is it a defamation of character. I have called this person a liar, since I know what I know, I know what I saw and heard and the rest is all conjecture. You decide as to what to believe. I won’t speak of this, any more. I had to get this out and know that I will forgive this person eventually for the wrongs she did to me. If anyone knows of a person in this situation, let them know to walk with caution in what they do. They won’t see it now…..but when they look back…hindsight is all 20/20.

For any family members of THE LIAR….you won’t believe a word of this, which is what I expect. Deep down, however, you see the things I have described here. You would never admit it to me, and I don’t care, but you have no idea what she is really like until you live with her in a relationship. She is mean, controlling and overbearing, but then again, I saw the same traits in you. Birds of a feather…..

I’m going to go back into the bomb shelter and wait for the fallout. Later, Fellow babies!!

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Views from a Bombshelter 3


I have been so angry for the last few weeks and I can’t seem to shake this. I see so many things going on around the world and it bothers me. I won’t even go into the CSI crap (Charlie Sheen Insanity!). With Libya under siege, and the US Gov’t being blamed for instigating riots, I wonder just how true that statement is. Even though I have faithfully served in the US Navy, I have doubts about our so called mighty government. I don’t feel that they serve us, the public, anymore. They are there to line their pockets and make themselves richer to our detriment.

I have read so many books about a great number of subjects to give myself some power to learn about what is going on. The last telling book was The Day After Roswell. The author, Col. Phillip Corso worked on a file cabinet that was filled with secrets from Roswell. He gave the information gleaned from the crashed UFO in Roswell to IBM, Chevron, AT&T, the makers of night vision goggles (thought they came from Earth, did you? They didn’t.), Jet Propulsion in San Diego, and tons of others. There is even a debate over where the idea for the solid state transistor came from. Not from any human. It was given to Philips or AT&T to help the US win the space race. So, if the Gov’t lies about things that they reverse engineer from offworlders, what makes us think they won’t interfere with other country’s leadership to make this a more peaceful planet?

There is a lot of talk about 2012. Ok, let’s address this one, too. Who is making money off of the scare tactics that we are seeing? CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN….alphabet soup. Who owns the stations that are broadcasting the scare the bejesus out of us? Look who owns Syfy (NBC), and so many other stations because they can’t broadcast the “Bad news of the upcoming devastation” on their mainstream networks. Makes them look bad…..really? Mainstream media is self serving. They want to put their spin on news and make us all worry about what’s coming. Holy shit! I can’t even cover some of my bills for this month let alone worry about December 21, 2012. One day at a time. (No Charlie, Not you! You think the 12 step program is for trolls and idiots..LOL! Moron.)

So, back to being angry. There are times I want to strangle idiots, morons and the freak shows that cross my path on a daily basis. I have heard more than once in the past few weeks, from other people, saying, “I can’t seem to catch a break!” Are you friggin kidding me? I know of one idiot that does things most of us would go to jail for instantly, but he continues to screw his employees, business associates, and companies he does business with for the last 6 months. (I won’t mention any names, but certain readers will know who I am talking about.) I would pay good money to see this guy get his come comeuppance first hand. I would throw rocks, aspersions, and rotten vegetables when he is being taken to jail, if and when that happens…which won’t be in this century. What I am trying to get at is this…..IS THERE ANY REAL JUSTICE IN THIS LIFE? I have tried to win things on line…EEEEH! Nice try. I have played Bingo at the local casino for the last 9 months and have not won a damn thing. Did I miss the memo on that one? Holy cryingoutloud!!! CAN I CATCH A BREAK? I am not feeling sorry for myself….I was told that if you want sympathy, it’s in the dictionary between shit and syphilis. There ya go! (I guarantee it’s true. I looked it up!) So, if I start sounding like Greg House, John Becker, or Dr Sheldon’ll forgive me.

I have made it to the second half of my life (52) and what do I have to look forward to? Lori said I should read Revelations. WOW! There are scarier things than Stephen King! I want to sleep at night and reading that part of the Bible is disturbing. Look at the things happening around the world..Economies on the brink of collapse, States going broke (Arizona being one of many), the leadership and upheaval in the UAE (for those that didn’t do well in Geography, it’s the United Arab Emirates), and other countries having major problems, the weather disasters, all the hate and anger in the world, I sure as hell don’t want to add to that. So, I will climb back into my solitary shelter, put on some soothing music and see if I can release this anger to the universe. Time is short…..don’t want to waste it being angry for stupid reasons. (Sorry, Charlie, it’s too late for you!) It’s days like this that I understand how Paul Newman felt at the end of Sometimes a Great Notion…..You’re going to have to rent the movie to understand this one. Sorry.  It’s worth the money.

Later, fellow babies!

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Twisted thoughts from a Bombshelter

I guess I have been in this Bombshelter so long, I am seeing things from a different angle. You know, like when a cat or dog turn their head and give you that weird look? Yea, that’s kinda how I see things at times. Lying in bed at 4 am, I get this thought. No, it’s not just one, it’s several. Take for example this one:
I’d like to see a Disneyland…let’s call it “Scare The Hell Out of You Land”. It would be designed by Stephen King, Wes Craven, John Carpenter, and James Wan (the Saw creator). You don’t really pay to get in, but what’s a good wet your pants scare worth to you? Oh, and when you get to the exit gate, there will be a Priest there to hear any confession you might want to unburden your soul of.

Why isn’t there truth in Gov’t? UFO’s, conspiracy theories (some of which might not sound so crazy after all….Read WikiLeaks and then tell me the Gov’t isn’t lying about somethings.) I’ll leave that one alone for the time being. I’m not so sure I am ready to hear the truth….cause YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! (Thanks, Jack!)

I have some favorite cartoons that I’d like to share. Some are pretty funny and some are just “scratch your head and go, HUH?” cartoons.  Gary Larson has always been my favorite. He takes every day occurrences and gives them a twist. Take this one for example:


There was another that had the cows discussing E=MC2 and the car came past, the cows were back on all four legs.  When the car passed, they continued their scientific discussion. That one is good for a chuckle.

The other one that I find interesting is Get Fuzzy. Rob (the Human), Bucky the cat  and Satchel the not so smart dog. Bucky is forever getting one over on Satchel, either taking his money, stealing his toys or coming up with a hair brained scheme to make money, usually at Rob’s expense or his bank account.

Just plain wrong

I have enjoyed Get Fuzzy ever since it came out. It has a twisted sided. If you love dogs, great! Cats, on the other hand, like Bucky, are sneaky, conniving, evil little monsters. Lori and I have two, a brother and a sister. They came from a shelter and they are good for a few laughs…until you come out in the morning and find that there are things on the floor that WERE sitting on the table the night before. I think lasers were invented to drive cats out of their minds. We bought a laser pointer and use it to “entertain” the cats. I can make either cat do donuts on the carpet by spinning the light in circles around them, and watch them spin around until they are dizzy trying to get the light. There’s some fun!
Another twisted thought came to mind. I know that there is a huge good reason that God didn’t allow dogs to talk. Can you imagine, coming home at the end of the day and having to listen to them talk about their whole day? (Kinda like my ex wife…..come to think about it.) 😛

Having these ideas come to me at five in the morning and needing to get them out has been cathartic. I know, big words…and I never thought I would use that word anywhere….but Surprise! I did.

I have always wanted to try the Flat Liners thing. If you don’t know what it is, let me give you a quick rundown of what’s involved. A group of young twentysomething Doctors decide to let each other “die” clinically, then revive them to see what they experienced. The whole scenario evolves into what nightmares each one of the doctors have to wrestle with due to unresolved issues from the past. Then the story goes even further when the two leading doctors (played by Kiefer Southerland and Kevin Bacon) gamble on who can go longer past the 4 minutes without brain damage. I don’t want to go past the four minutes. Maybe just long enough to see what’s on the other side and get a glimpse of what’s ahead. It would be like the teaser for the news: Here’s what’s next! I’ve read Closer to the Light and people talk about seeing the white light, feeling warmth and seeing their departed ancestors. So, if that’s true…I’d like to see what they experienced with the advanced knowledge that I am coming back….Let me know what you think. I have faith in God, and sometimes that faith wavers, (Sometimes, more than I’d like to admit), but it’s there, nonetheless.

Now, I’ll just go back down inside my Bomb-shelter and wait for the fallout!
Later, Friends and Fellow babies!!!

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View from a Bombshelter 3

Well, what do I say now? Christmas is coming, we just made it through Thanksgiving and all the yearly dreck that they pass off as Holiday Viewing is just crap. The only few Holiday shows that are a must are

1. Rudolph

2. A Wonderful Life

3. Charlie Brown’s Christmas

4. A Miracle on 34th Street (either version…with Natalie Wood or Sir Richard Attenborough, and I like him!)

5. Frosty

6. Anything animated by Rankin/Bass!

Anything else is just a waste of time, but that’s just my opinion.
Now that I am advanced in my years, the Holiday Season isn’t the same now that I don’t have small children in the house. I don’t have to rush around, fight the crowds for the “in” thing and I know that I am not going to be woke up at 4 am to open presents. Come Christmas morning, I would like a hot latte, something to eat and get ready for the day’s events. We are going to Lori’s mom and dad’s to have breakfast. Lori will make biscuits and gravy (two kinds: Bacon and sausage), coffee cake, and whatever else is on the menu this year. Last year was interesting. It was my first year with her family and the food was endless. More friends kept coming every hour. It seemed that every time the door opened, someone new was at the door! It was great seeing the Christmas spirit in full swing. I miss that more than anything else. When my family lived in Omaha, it was a lot like that. People kept coming and visiting, happy voices every where and so many parties.

I see that in the last fifteen or so years, the murder rate during the Holidays has increased. That is such a shame and just so sad. Families can’t be together unless there is some kind of domestic violence involved. Having been involved in a domestic violence squabble, I can see how that would happen, but during the happiest time of the year says a lot about our society today.  The lights that decorate homes make the neighborhood look so joyful and festive, just too bad that it’s not the same on the inside.

Maybe it’s me, but I am becoming somewhat of a cynic for the holidays. All I know is that I do my annual baking of homemade bread, cookies, pies and salad and that’s what I look forward to all year. Isn’t there a store or some place I can go to and get  a refill of Holiday Spirit, like when the kids were younger? I have always wanted to go to New York,  see the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center and just experience the Big Apple during the Holidays. Could that be the place for the refill? Nah. New York is just a state of mind if I believe what Don Henley says.

I have never forgotten that Jesus is the reason for the Season. I guess that’s all that I need to find that joy. Lights, decorations, trees, and tv shows is all for show but if it weren’t for the birth of the Christ child, we wouldn’t have this season in the first place. I will be honest…I am struggling with my faith and in these tough economic times, maybe Santa will be nice to me and bring me the joyous feeling I had when I was younger….so, if you happen to see the Jolly Old Fat guy, let me him know what I would like this year, won’t you?

Now, I am going to go back into the Bombshelter and wait for the fallout.

Later, friends and “fellow Babies”!