My Bucket List @52

1. Go skydiving

2. Go on a cruise to Alaska, or the Bahamas

3. Do the Polar Bear club where it’s damn cold! DID THIS! Going to do it, again!

4. Go hang gliding

5. Sing in front of an audience. Tell some jokes, sing a few songs and hope people enjoy what they hear.

6. Write some incredible piece of journalism, and have it read across the city. (yea, how’s that one working out, Dave?)

7. Drive a car at over 100 miles an hour! (Ok, I got a Nissan that I owned up to that much for just a second, at 2 am, coming home from a job I did. But flat out, balls to the wall, 100 plus? Yea, that’s living!) DID IT!

8. Taste a cognac that is so old, it’s worth the time to find it and afford it.

9. Meet a REAL psychic that can talk to the dead, just to see if it’s true.

10. (Hang on, this one’s a doozy!) I saw the movie Flat Liners, and I want to do something like that. Die, stay that way for the full 3.5 and come back. I want to see what’s on the other side like they did. If ya can’t handle that one, are you afraid of dying?

11.Go to Jamaica for two weeks and hang out, nothing to do, no one to answer to, just drinks, half naked women and great sunsets.

Come back around for the rest….I’m sure I have a couple left in me.


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