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It’s the Uncle Dave Show!!!

Boys and girls, today’s lesson is on forgiveness, kindness and letting go. You’re in for a real treat. We are going to explore the realm of the impossible for some, possibilities for others, and not a chance in hell for the rest.
I received a card in the mail. Mr. Postman brought it and left in my cubby. How kind was he? He probably didn’t even know that he had left me a nastygram from the Police officer station, downtown. Now, why would they send me a nastygram? Because someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed and had a sore butt?! What better way to feel better than to mess with someone else’s day. Isn’t that kind? No, it’s not. As Uncle Dave would say, that pretty much sucks. (Kids, we use these words in a sentence and suck means to take the dirt out of something or forcibly to remove the air from something, like a happy balloon!) If I could find Bob the mechanic to fix that danged old compressor, we could fill that bad boy back up and be on our way.

Now, forgiveness is so simple, but most people can’t do it. They hold all that anger in, giving us that yucky feeling, like eating something bad that makes us want to hurl. If you let all that anger go, then Buckaroo, you are well on your way to feeling like a king, again! What’s that, Mikey? Why are people so angry? That’s a good question, but it doesn’t have a quick standard answer. Since we’re all different and unique, (and some people are REALLY different, but that’s another show.) what makes everyone angry could be as different as night and day. Say, for example, you read something on the internet that someone had written that you didn’t agree with. You get angry and call Mr. Policeman. He sends you a nastygram. Now, you sit and wait for them to get back in touch with you, all the while you wonder, what did I do to make someone angry? You sit and think, and try to figure out what it is that Mr. Policeman wants to talk to you about. Ah! You have it. Something you had written about many months ago and forgot about. Words get passed around; you know how fast things travel around the internet these days. It’s like a viral video. Zoom! It’s here, then it’s there….so fast! Like your hamster on speed! Do they read what is said about forgiveness on that same page? Probably not. They are fixated on the ONE thing that was posted. So, forgiveness is not in their lexicon. (This is a fancy word for vocabulary). Not to worry, brothers and sisters! We all pray for those folks with weak minds and ask that they be forgiven their trespasses, so that they may forgive others.

Moving on. (We’ll pass on the commercial for now, but stay tuned for what’s next, right after this!) Kindness/fairness. This is a tough one, to be sure. Those two words are not interchangeable, but they work together, but not in today’s society. Guys, you hold the door open for the ladies. Ladies, you say thank you as you walk by. Great! As my mother once told me, it’s never hard to say thank you. That’s kindness. Fairness is when two people go their own way, even though you don’t agree with that person, you ALWAYS leave with what you brought in to the relationship, never more than you feel that you deserve, no matter what. That’s fairness. Does that happen? Survey says: EEEEHHH! Nope. One side always wants to get revenge, get even (see last blog for getting even!) or make themselves feel better by taking more than they should. That’s how wars start, that’s how people find themselves in hot water with the law, and how most perpetrators on Law and Order wind up going to jail. (See? You learn so much on the internet these days!)

Now, let’s talk about letting go. You know how you feel when you lose a balloon and watch it go up, higher and higher in the air, till you can’t see it anymore? Forget that. That isn’t what I am talking about. That’s depressing, cause you know you are never going to see that balloon, again. Right? This letting go is different. Here in Phoenix, when it’s over 112°, and you see a coin lying on the ground, it’s best not to pick it up. That’s going to be one hot mutha! I’ve done it, and had to drop it, cause it was so danged hot!! That’s the kind of letting go I am talking about. You want something, and then when you get it, you realize that you didn’t want it in the first place. Getting rid of that unwanted something isn’t so easy. Just cause something (or someone) looks great in the beginning, doesn’t necessarily mean you want that for the long haul. (You catching on to this, skippy?) You begin to see the faults, the cracks, and the imperfections in that thing (or person) and you wonder how you missed those things from the outset. So, you disconnect yourself from that thing and let it go….fly away, little birdy, go! Fly and be with your bird friends!!! Yeeeeeeeeah, sorry….I was in the moment. Anyway, you have to step back, look at your life, and realize that HEY! My life is 110% better now that I have let go of that item, person, thing, whatever was causing your life so much grief. Unfortunately, there are some folks that cannot deal with being released from what held them. We call these people Stalkers, Psychotic, or just plain loons!
When you release something or you are the one being released by the person you thought you had feelings for….two words: MOVE ON, Buster! (Ok, three words) It’s better to have loved than never have loved before or something to that effect. We can argue syntax some other time. Mr. Clock on the wall says I am just about out of time for today. So, Boys and girls, the best thing to do…is walk away, say good bye, don’t look back cause what’s up ahead is SO MUCH BETTER than what’s behind you. Keep walking because you don’t want the past catching up to you.  Let the sun shine warm on your face, feel the breeze as it brushes across your cheek, and know that with every sunset, the sun is going to rise, again, in the morning. (AND for GOD’S SAKE, one of you out there starts singing TOMORROW from Annie, I’m going to puke!) WOW! I learned a lot from today’s lesson, how about you?
Stay tuned for our next episode. ADIOS, LATER DAYS, and as a famous man would say, HAPPY TRAILS.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, that concludes our broadcast day for today, Stay tuned for the Farm Report coming up soon. …And now, our National Anthem!

Over and out! PEACE!


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