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Views from a Bombshelter 3


I have been so angry for the last few weeks and I can’t seem to shake this. I see so many things going on around the world and it bothers me. I won’t even go into the CSI crap (Charlie Sheen Insanity!). With Libya under siege, and the US Gov’t being blamed for instigating riots, I wonder just how true that statement is. Even though I have faithfully served in the US Navy, I have doubts about our so called mighty government. I don’t feel that they serve us, the public, anymore. They are there to line their pockets and make themselves richer to our detriment.

I have read so many books about a great number of subjects to give myself some power to learn about what is going on. The last telling book was The Day After Roswell. The author, Col. Phillip Corso worked on a file cabinet that was filled with secrets from Roswell. He gave the information gleaned from the crashed UFO in Roswell to IBM, Chevron, AT&T, the makers of night vision goggles (thought they came from Earth, did you? They didn’t.), Jet Propulsion in San Diego, and tons of others. There is even a debate over where the idea for the solid state transistor came from. Not from any human. It was given to Philips or AT&T to help the US win the space race. So, if the Gov’t lies about things that they reverse engineer from offworlders, what makes us think they won’t interfere with other country’s leadership to make this a more peaceful planet?

There is a lot of talk about 2012. Ok, let’s address this one, too. Who is making money off of the scare tactics that we are seeing? CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN….alphabet soup. Who owns the stations that are broadcasting the scare the bejesus out of us? Look who owns Syfy (NBC), and so many other stations because they can’t broadcast the “Bad news of the upcoming devastation” on their mainstream networks. Makes them look bad…..really? Mainstream media is self serving. They want to put their spin on news and make us all worry about what’s coming. Holy shit! I can’t even cover some of my bills for this month let alone worry about December 21, 2012. One day at a time. (No Charlie, Not you! You think the 12 step program is for trolls and idiots..LOL! Moron.)

So, back to being angry. There are times I want to strangle idiots, morons and the freak shows that cross my path on a daily basis. I have heard more than once in the past few weeks, from other people, saying, “I can’t seem to catch a break!” Are you friggin kidding me? I know of one idiot that does things most of us would go to jail for instantly, but he continues to screw his employees, business associates, and companies he does business with for the last 6 months. (I won’t mention any names, but certain readers will know who I am talking about.) I would pay good money to see this guy get his come comeuppance first hand. I would throw rocks, aspersions, and rotten vegetables when he is being taken to jail, if and when that happens…which won’t be in this century. What I am trying to get at is this…..IS THERE ANY REAL JUSTICE IN THIS LIFE? I have tried to win things on line…EEEEH! Nice try. I have played Bingo at the local casino for the last 9 months and have not won a damn thing. Did I miss the memo on that one? Holy cryingoutloud!!! CAN I CATCH A BREAK? I am not feeling sorry for myself….I was told that if you want sympathy, it’s in the dictionary between shit and syphilis. There ya go! (I guarantee it’s true. I looked it up!) So, if I start sounding like Greg House, John Becker, or Dr Sheldon’ll forgive me.

I have made it to the second half of my life (52) and what do I have to look forward to? Lori said I should read Revelations. WOW! There are scarier things than Stephen King! I want to sleep at night and reading that part of the Bible is disturbing. Look at the things happening around the world..Economies on the brink of collapse, States going broke (Arizona being one of many), the leadership and upheaval in the UAE (for those that didn’t do well in Geography, it’s the United Arab Emirates), and other countries having major problems, the weather disasters, all the hate and anger in the world, I sure as hell don’t want to add to that. So, I will climb back into my solitary shelter, put on some soothing music and see if I can release this anger to the universe. Time is short…..don’t want to waste it being angry for stupid reasons. (Sorry, Charlie, it’s too late for you!) It’s days like this that I understand how Paul Newman felt at the end of Sometimes a Great Notion…..You’re going to have to rent the movie to understand this one. Sorry.  It’s worth the money.

Later, fellow babies!


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