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Twisted thoughts from a Bombshelter

I guess I have been in this Bombshelter so long, I am seeing things from a different angle. You know, like when a cat or dog turn their head and give you that weird look? Yea, that’s kinda how I see things at times. Lying in bed at 4 am, I get this thought. No, it’s not just one, it’s several. Take for example this one:
I’d like to see a Disneyland…let’s call it “Scare The Hell Out of You Land”. It would be designed by Stephen King, Wes Craven, John Carpenter, and James Wan (the Saw creator). You don’t really pay to get in, but what’s a good wet your pants scare worth to you? Oh, and when you get to the exit gate, there will be a Priest there to hear any confession you might want to unburden your soul of.

Why isn’t there truth in Gov’t? UFO’s, conspiracy theories (some of which might not sound so crazy after all….Read WikiLeaks and then tell me the Gov’t isn’t lying about somethings.) I’ll leave that one alone for the time being. I’m not so sure I am ready to hear the truth….cause YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! (Thanks, Jack!)

I have some favorite cartoons that I’d like to share. Some are pretty funny and some are just “scratch your head and go, HUH?” cartoons.  Gary Larson has always been my favorite. He takes every day occurrences and gives them a twist. Take this one for example:


There was another that had the cows discussing E=MC2 and the car came past, the cows were back on all four legs.  When the car passed, they continued their scientific discussion. That one is good for a chuckle.

The other one that I find interesting is Get Fuzzy. Rob (the Human), Bucky the cat  and Satchel the not so smart dog. Bucky is forever getting one over on Satchel, either taking his money, stealing his toys or coming up with a hair brained scheme to make money, usually at Rob’s expense or his bank account.

Just plain wrong

I have enjoyed Get Fuzzy ever since it came out. It has a twisted sided. If you love dogs, great! Cats, on the other hand, like Bucky, are sneaky, conniving, evil little monsters. Lori and I have two, a brother and a sister. They came from a shelter and they are good for a few laughs…until you come out in the morning and find that there are things on the floor that WERE sitting on the table the night before. I think lasers were invented to drive cats out of their minds. We bought a laser pointer and use it to “entertain” the cats. I can make either cat do donuts on the carpet by spinning the light in circles around them, and watch them spin around until they are dizzy trying to get the light. There’s some fun!
Another twisted thought came to mind. I know that there is a huge good reason that God didn’t allow dogs to talk. Can you imagine, coming home at the end of the day and having to listen to them talk about their whole day? (Kinda like my ex wife…..come to think about it.) 😛

Having these ideas come to me at five in the morning and needing to get them out has been cathartic. I know, big words…and I never thought I would use that word anywhere….but Surprise! I did.

I have always wanted to try the Flat Liners thing. If you don’t know what it is, let me give you a quick rundown of what’s involved. A group of young twentysomething Doctors decide to let each other “die” clinically, then revive them to see what they experienced. The whole scenario evolves into what nightmares each one of the doctors have to wrestle with due to unresolved issues from the past. Then the story goes even further when the two leading doctors (played by Kiefer Southerland and Kevin Bacon) gamble on who can go longer past the 4 minutes without brain damage. I don’t want to go past the four minutes. Maybe just long enough to see what’s on the other side and get a glimpse of what’s ahead. It would be like the teaser for the news: Here’s what’s next! I’ve read Closer to the Light and people talk about seeing the white light, feeling warmth and seeing their departed ancestors. So, if that’s true…I’d like to see what they experienced with the advanced knowledge that I am coming back….Let me know what you think. I have faith in God, and sometimes that faith wavers, (Sometimes, more than I’d like to admit), but it’s there, nonetheless.

Now, I’ll just go back down inside my Bomb-shelter and wait for the fallout!
Later, Friends and Fellow babies!!!


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