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View from a Bombshelter 3

Well, what do I say now? Christmas is coming, we just made it through Thanksgiving and all the yearly dreck that they pass off as Holiday Viewing is just crap. The only few Holiday shows that are a must are

1. Rudolph

2. A Wonderful Life

3. Charlie Brown’s Christmas

4. A Miracle on 34th Street (either version…with Natalie Wood or Sir Richard Attenborough, and I like him!)

5. Frosty

6. Anything animated by Rankin/Bass!

Anything else is just a waste of time, but that’s just my opinion.
Now that I am advanced in my years, the Holiday Season isn’t the same now that I don’t have small children in the house. I don’t have to rush around, fight the crowds for the “in” thing and I know that I am not going to be woke up at 4 am to open presents. Come Christmas morning, I would like a hot latte, something to eat and get ready for the day’s events. We are going to Lori’s mom and dad’s to have breakfast. Lori will make biscuits and gravy (two kinds: Bacon and sausage), coffee cake, and whatever else is on the menu this year. Last year was interesting. It was my first year with her family and the food was endless. More friends kept coming every hour. It seemed that every time the door opened, someone new was at the door! It was great seeing the Christmas spirit in full swing. I miss that more than anything else. When my family lived in Omaha, it was a lot like that. People kept coming and visiting, happy voices every where and so many parties.

I see that in the last fifteen or so years, the murder rate during the Holidays has increased. That is such a shame and just so sad. Families can’t be together unless there is some kind of domestic violence involved. Having been involved in a domestic violence squabble, I can see how that would happen, but during the happiest time of the year says a lot about our society today.  The lights that decorate homes make the neighborhood look so joyful and festive, just too bad that it’s not the same on the inside.

Maybe it’s me, but I am becoming somewhat of a cynic for the holidays. All I know is that I do my annual baking of homemade bread, cookies, pies and salad and that’s what I look forward to all year. Isn’t there a store or some place I can go to and get  a refill of Holiday Spirit, like when the kids were younger? I have always wanted to go to New York,  see the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center and just experience the Big Apple during the Holidays. Could that be the place for the refill? Nah. New York is just a state of mind if I believe what Don Henley says.

I have never forgotten that Jesus is the reason for the Season. I guess that’s all that I need to find that joy. Lights, decorations, trees, and tv shows is all for show but if it weren’t for the birth of the Christ child, we wouldn’t have this season in the first place. I will be honest…I am struggling with my faith and in these tough economic times, maybe Santa will be nice to me and bring me the joyous feeling I had when I was younger….so, if you happen to see the Jolly Old Fat guy, let me him know what I would like this year, won’t you?

Now, I am going to go back into the Bombshelter and wait for the fallout.

Later, friends and “fellow Babies”!


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