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Views From A BombShelter



With the arrival of Christmas in the midst of chaos, upheaval and economic uncertainty, I find myself wondering how close we are to some kind of civil unrest.
In the 60’s, most Americans thought it would be the end of the world, with free love, communes, hippies, sex and the Vietnam War. We seem to come out of that pretty well, but we ended up with skinned knees, a few more bumps and bruises, and some bloody nose. We stood up, we dusted ourselves off and we moved on.

Now, we are dealing with an economic downturn (What the hell does that mean?), more scandals than we can shake a stick at, people losing money through embezzlement, greed and mismanagement and the rising numbers of people joining hate groups. HAVE YOU PEOPLE LOST YOUR MINDS? What the hell is going on? How have we come to this point to just throw up our hands and say….”Eh, it’s their own fault!”

The big three are asking for Congress to bail them out of this never ending pit of being on the edge of failing financially. While I was growing up, cars were status symbols in high school. Who had the fastest, the nicest and who could burn ‘em off the best. Now….it’s who has the most expensive and you see those cars in the high school parking lot! AGAIN….did I miss the memo that went out that day?


Since I last wrote the above missive, so much has happened. AEG, GM, Citicorp and BofA have received so friggin much of our money that we are in debt up to our butts for the next century, at least. Thank you, Ms. and Mr. Congress official. You are so kind to use our money to help your buddies, and generous benefactors out of the mess that their greed has created. Now we are being forced to accept what the Government calls equal healthcare. Excuse me, but please don’t sprinkle sugar on bullshit and call it candy! Last time I looked, bs is still bs.

As I get older and see more things happening in our society, with more and more of our freedoms being snatched up by the government to “protect us from ourselves”, who will protect us from them? I find it comical that many of the so called liberals want the government to protect them. It’s the people with big brass balls that have always protected this country from all evil, no matter what they are called. Look, it’s simple. Get rid of the political correctness that has corrupted this country, stop trying to please everyone, and for God’s sake, stop being so soft on wrongdoers. This country was created through displeasure of a corrupt system, and the adventurers came here, and tried to start something new. My heart goes out to all the slaves of African descent, and the Native Americans who clashed with the government over taking of their land. But now, stand up, realize that it was in the past, and let’s make an America where we can all thrive, a place where we depend on each other, we talk to our neighbors and show the rest of the world that our souls are still good. We have, as a country rescued, bailed out, rebuilt and saved the rest of this planet. Maybe we need to practice some good old isolationism, again, and let the rest of the world deal with their own problems. We can give advice, and other than that, no more money going to other countries, no handouts with out repayment. If I buy a car on a loan, I am required to pay back what I owe and with interest. Why not make ALL of these countries repay us? I know that there is a huge economic reason why my idea will never work, but we can always dream, right?

One more thing while we’re here. What’s the idea behind “Too Big to Fail”? If a corporation that has accumulated so much debt that they are on the verge of collapse, why does the government feel the need to bail them out? Oh, that’s right; they’re too big to fail. Can someone explain the concise thinking behind this philosophy? So, let’s dissect this thought. If, oh, let’s say, Bill Gates made some bad business decisions (windows 7, XP, Vista,etc.) and he had to consider declaring bankruptcy, would the government bail his butt out? He’s too big to fail, right? I mean, he has a hand in how Microsoft runs on a daily basis and we wouldn’t want to see Bill drive an old Dodge Dart, right? That’s just wrong.

To use the precise term of Tyler Perry’s Character, Madea…..HELL, NO! Let them fail! Take a dive, hit the skids, bottom out, all hands, abandon ship! If they fail, there’s a chance that someone with a better plan (hey, I’ve heard that before!) will take their place. Someone with a better car, an economical engine, maybe even something that DOESN’T run on fossil fuels. Holy Crap! You mean that’s possible? Hell, yea! Everyone that is alive today over the age of 30 has heard of the engine that runs almost one hundred miles to the gallon, but oh, we wouldn’t want to deprive the Saudi Sheiks of their hard earned cash, would we? No. I mean, what would life be like without gold toilets, sterling silver Rolls Royce’s, or humungous hundred room mansions? That would be just so sad. They might even have to claim welfare and go on food stamps. Can you buy caviar on food stamps? I need to check on that……

So, in the mean time, I am going to just live down here in the bomb shelter and wait for the fall out. I’ll wait for the coast to clear and come up for another rant.

Later Friends and Fellow Babies!


One thought on “Views From A BombShelter

  1. i enjoyed your story and life story ,, well written sweetie ,, keep going in fact keep going i think you need a thousand pages ,, why don’t you try writing a story and publish it ,, i beleive in you Dave always have ,, hugs

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